Vote Ian Allinson for Unite General Secretary. Voting papers will be sent to members from 27th March.

Unite needs shaking up if we're to withstand the onslaught from employers and government against our jobs, public services and rights.

* I'm a workplace activist who shares your experiences and frustrations. I've not spent decades in the union apparatus and don't need a six figure salary to represent you - I'd keep my current pay.
* New ideas to strengthen Unite, not more of the same under McCluskey, or cosying up to bosses under Coyne.
* Unflinching opposition to discrimination
* The only candidate for sustainable jobs, not Trident. We need council homes and a million climate jobs - not more nukes.
* Back Corbyn - don't wait for him. Grassroots campaigning can shift the debate. No return to funding Blairites who attack our members.

Ian is the grassroots socialist candidate for Unite General Secretary. We're faced with employers and government threatening jobs, pay and conditions, our rights and our public services, so we need a stronger union. Ian is standing because neither more of the same with Len McCluskey, or turning the clock back to failed approaches with Gerard Coyne will do.

Voting papers will be sent to members from 27th March. Members who have not received a ballot paper by Friday 7th April should contact the ballot enquiry service on 0800 783 3856 (0818 333 155 from the Republic of Ireland and Gibraltar).

Whatever the result of the vote, my campaign aims to strengthen Unite by putting key arguments into the union and strengthening networks of those who want a stronger, more democratic and bottom-up union.

After the election I'll be holding more meetings round the country for those who agree with the campaign's aims, whichever way they actually voted, to ensure we take the issues forward.

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